Diagnostic Workstations From One Source

For high quality and high precise diagnostic solutions - available as a solution for each modality or even as one universal system!

Included features of every single PergamonDIAGNOSTIC Workstation

  • PergamonVIEW / PergamonCLIENT with full functionality
  • compatibility for medical graphi cards and medical monitors with a maximum of simultaneous displayable grayscales
  • understandable quality of each component with additional diagnostic value
  • high to very high performance
  • on-Site-Service Warranty, also for longer terms
  • very high investment safety
  • direct interface to patient mangement systems (e.g. xDT)

Software options:

  • MiniPACS and QueryRetrive (e.g. for integration into alien PACS systems, but also as stand-alone solution)
  • PergamonDICTATE - suitable for digital dictation
  • PergmaonTRANSCRIBE - for immediate writing of the findings, further interfaces for communication to other systems (e.g. HL7)

Hardware options:

  • implementierted archive storage as a RAID1 – 2x2 TB (e.g. for at least 200.000 X-Ray images)
  • archive storage and NAS (stackable at any time), dedicated Server (e.g. in 19" design)
  • several backup strategies
  • RIS Monitor
  • CD Printer or CD-production robots

PergamonDIAGNOSTIC Workstation for X-Ray

The PergamonDIAGNOSTIC workstation for everyday work in radiology.


  • two EIZO GX240 (2 x 2 Megapixel)
  • medical graphic card: ATI MED X4000
  • at least Core I5, at least 8 GByte RAM

alternative setup:

  • 1 x 2 Megapixel EIZO Grayscale Monitor and ATI X3900
  • 1 x 3 Megapixel EIZO Grayscale Monitor
  • 2 x 3 Megapixel EIZO Grayscale Monitor and ATI X5000

PergamonDIAGNOSTIC Workstation for mammography

It doesnt matter if its mammography, tomosynthesis or radiography. This ideal workstation is setup especially for mammography and delivers highest quality standards in grayscale diagnostics.


  • Two EIZO GX540 (2 x 5 Megapixel)
  • medical graphic card: ATI MED X7000
  • PC: Core I7, at least 16GByte RAM, SSD

Universal 8MP Workstation

You are looking for one universal workstation where you can do diagnostics for every modality? Here it is!

It doesn't matter if you want to do mammography, tomosynthesis, nuclear medicine, radiography (incl. lungs), or 3D reconstruction - the first one-for-all solution does all this.


  • Monitor: EIZO RX850 - 8 Megapixel
  • med. graphic card: MED X7000
  • Software: PergamonVIEW / PergamonCLIENT
  • PC: Core I7, at least 16GByte RAM, SSD