PergamonMED offers complete solutions as well as additional modules to increase your efficiency and workflow. Here's a short abstract of what PergamonMED can offer. 

Digital Radiography and digital mammography

No matter if you want to upgrage your X-Ray or mammography system with a flat panel detector or with you want to upgrade your existing system with a flat panel detector or with an image plate and the according digitzer - we gladly integrate every system into the PACS solution of PergamonMED. PergamonMED is not just our team, but also a whole lot of sophisticated technical partners, which whom together we are collecting and sharing knowledge - for your best. 

PergamonDIAGNOSTIC Workstations

For several different requirements we can offer a huge variety of different diagnostic workstations. Actually we also have one out-of-the-box universal system which is appliable for CT, nuclear medicine, MRI, X-Ray and even mammography. As a natural, the integration into alien PACS systems as a "MiniPACS2" is possible, although we reccomend the integration directly into PergamonMED as a native solution.

PergamonSTITCHING Workstation

PergamonSTITCHING is an integrative module of PergamonVIEW, but it can be offered as well as an separate solution, integrated as a further functionality for your PACS.


This "out-of-the-box" solution creates DICOM series out of your analog image sources such as Fluoroscopy, ultrasound, arthroscopy, which can be saved into your PACS. Registration of patient and examination can be done in your existing patient management system, thanks to extensive interfaces (HL7, xDT and much more).

Disc Production Systems

This "out-of-the-box" solution is available in combination with several different disc producing systems (e.g. Rimage, Primera, Epson). Patient-Discs are created fully automatic and equipped with the high quality DICOM-Viewer PergamonMED. Using the DICOM-Interface, this solution is compatible to all us known PACS systems and modalities.

Medical Monitor Solutions

The right combination of medical monitors is chosen based on the further purpose of use, the according appliable laws and standards and based on investment security. Finding such solutions is our daily work, we can deliver fitting medical monitors with extensive warranties in very short time - feel free to contact us.

Especially the new DIN standard 6868-157 enforces us, to keep this practice.