PergamonVIEW – One Viewer for all modalitites

Diagnostics for X-Ray, sectional imaging, mammographie, thomosynthesis, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, kardiography, fluoroscopy and much more.


  • parallel displaying and editing of images of several modalitites
  • support for different image forming techniques such as CT, MRI, X-Ray, mammography, ultrasound, coloscopy, cardiography, angiography, documentation and much more, including modality-specific tools


  • fast loading of comparative studies of a patient
  • direct opening of patient discs
  • simultaneous displaying of pictures from the own archive as well as from patient discs
  • manual and automatic shutter tool
  • free customizable interface (e.g. to sort out tools that are not needed)

Basic Funtions

  • comfortable adjustment of brightness and contrast, also automatically by using our area contrast tool 
  • inverting of graytones - e.g. for a better detection of pneumonias or fissures
  • rotate and flip (horizontally, vertically)
  • distance measurements
  • different measurement functions:
    • common angle, ongoing angle
    • distance measurements, distance between parallels
  • a variety of zoom and magnifying options
  • pixel value measurement
  • ... and much more! 

Special Functions

  • Measurements
    • Scoliosis angle by COBB, CE – Angle, AC-Angle by Idelberger and Hilgenreiner, distance to the center of the acetabulum, different hip-dysplasia measurements and much more
  • optimized displaying of multiframe data, e.G. for angiography
  • Calibration, 1:1 representation + print
  • Shutter - for an automatic covering of non-relevant areas
  • ...and much more!

Grayscale Spectrum and Quality

PergamonVIEW supports your diagnostic work due to its very fast performance while displaying 1024 grayscales at the same time, which is up to 4 times more than a common DICOM viewer. 

  • full support of 1024 Grayscales, even on 10 Megapixel Monitors, especially for fine structures of tissue in mammography and radiography (e.g. for lung- or bone structures)
  • zoom is centered on the mouse cursor, zoom is applied in realtime and without pixel effects
  • Brightness and Contrast:
  • adjustable by: pushing the mouse wheel,  using the touchscreen or by using the histogram
  • use area contrast for a perfect adjustment (adjusted according to the chosen area)
  • Special Window Levels (e.g. for Lung or Bones)


  • exact adjustment of measurement thanks to ROI-Zoom directly to the mesurement point
  • calibrated measurements by using reference objects
  • 1:1 representation


  • thanks to PergamonPACS functionality of storing any documentation (incl. PDF) as a DICOM-Trunk, every document is archivable directly into the PACS
  • no additional, alien software systems are necessary
  • documents and images can be displayed separately (e.g. on a separate, dedicated screen)
  • filing directly in to the archive of the referring patient
  • recall out of Patient/Hospitalmanagementsystem is possible