PergamonVET - the best solution for your veterinary practice. It is integratable into your running management software and hardware environment seamlessly. It supports many specific needs of daily work in veterinaries.

PergamonVET Measurement Tools

additionally to standard measurement functions (e.g. distances, angles, density, ...), which are also being used in human medicine, specific veterinary tools are implemented into PergamonVET:

  • TPLO - for cross repositioning
  • measurements of beck canted positions
  • VHS - Vertebral-Heart-Score
  • MMP = modified Maquet procedure  - for defining wedge sizes, treating cruciate ligaments
  • HD Messung (Norbergangle) for Hip Dysplasia

PergamonVET for modalities

PergamonVET also supports modalities which are not designed explicitly for veterinary medicine. The PergamonVET-Server adds veterinary informations to the DICOM-Header automatically.

The following DICOM-Elements can be added using data from PergamonVET:

(data either comes directly from PergamonVET or is recalled from the patient management system)

0010,4000 Patient comments        - containing informations about chipping, tattos and breed registration number
0010,2295breed registration number
0010,2203state of sterilization
0010,2297responsible person
0010,2298responsible person role
0010,1040patients adress