PergamonRIS is an integrated module of PergamonMED, used for minimizing the use of time,  saving costs and maximizing efficiency in radiological patient care. PergamonRIS optimizes your workflow by automatizing workflows througout different departments. Starting at patient registration going on to diagnostic and transcription and leading to the distribution of images and findings to the referring physician. PergamonRIS is base and additive for your diagnostic workflow. An Integration into the existing patient management / hospital management systems is a naturalness for PergamonMED.

The maximizing of efficiency and the minimizing of failures of daily life in radiology is one of the most important tasks of PergamonRIS.

PergamonRIS can be used across sites and across different mandants / clients and it is an integrative part of your primary management system.

Starting in the Registration...

The creation of orders and the sending to the modality is very efficient with PergamonRIS. The body regions (organs) and examinations are predefined as well professionally as technically. The system is learning, which examinations you use a lot and displays them with priority. Meanwhile more rare examinations are appliable very fast too. Additionally you have the possibility to comment the indication for the according examination - those indications are also learned and pre-guessed by the system-

Accounting informations for examinations can be transferred to the accounting module, so no accounting can be forgotten, several working steps are saved.

Incoming documentation and enlightenment bows can be scanned parallel with low effort. It is also recommended to import incoming patient discs directly at the registration counter as well.

... going on to examination ...

When looking to the modalities using DICOM you will find the by DICOM-Worklist precisely planned examinations. Double planning can be avoided by using a special mapping, which can be configured device-based. On this way you can save precious minutes, by not clicking through several menues.

When it comes to non-DICOM-modalities (e.g. older ultrasound systems), PergamonSNAP can create a worklist (also with a touchscreen) and convert analog image data into digital - including the documenation of dose values.

For some devices (e.g. X-Ray or mammography) PergamonMED optionally provides an automatical documentation of dose relevant values by taking them directly from the device.

... into diagnostics ...

the finding lists can be arranged according to doctors and / or modalities. Due to the integrated transaction system, inadvertly double findings are avoided.

With PergamonDICTATE findings can be recorded directly by using corresponding dictation hardware. This records can be send to the secretary (or to a server based speech recognition system). Corresponding text templates for standard findings can avoid superfluos works. As a natural, the classical online text recognition is supported, where the radiologist dicates directly into the text editing software.

... into secretary and back for signature

With PergamonTRANSCRIBE the secretary can take over the correction of recognized texts (also by using the already recognized texts). After transcription they are send back to the doctor in charge, where they can be signed digitally.

The result to the referring physician

In the best case, PergamonRIS recognizes the referring physician and knows about his preferences for the deliverance of findings and image date. Here PergamonNET can be used for an online distribution, PergamonPUBLISH is the solution for the production of CDs and DVDs. The traditional finding letter is supported by optimized lists and optimized printing order.

Scope of functions

In its default design PergamonRIS includes:


  • multitenant administration of patient data
  • Worklists (incl.  DICOM-Worklist-Server)
  • PergamonIMPORT - optimal for saving time at the registration counter
  • document management
  • integration into other patient management systems (HIS/RIS)
  • Controlling of picture calls out of PergamonRIS or alien management systems
  • documentation of medical data
  • very flexible configurations for users, systems and modalitymanagement
  • User- and Rights management incl. usergroups and employee records
  • system records for administration of equipment
  • audible archiving of every incoming documenation in their original format

additional to PergamonRIS the following features are available:

  • PergamonDICTATE for recording findings with a microphone
  • PergamonTRANSCRIBE for transcription purposes, e.g. in finding reports, incl. textprocessor-interface
  • PergamonSERVER-SPEECH2TEXT-INTERFACE for a server based transfer of voice data to a voice recognition system
  • across sites structures
  • to use as primary RIS
  • Chipcard reading function
  • Statistics (e.g. for analysing examinations, employees and referring physicians)
  • Text Processor-Interface (for Microsoft or OpenOffice)
  • PergamonREFDOC for administration of your referring physicians and allocators
  • PergamonNET for a perfect integration of your allocators
  • several modules , e.g. PergamonPUBLISH for disc producing, PergamonSNAP for the integration of analog image sources and PergamonGRAB for non-DICOM systems

Study manager

  • explore and open examinations by different criterias
  • direct burn-to-disc of examinations


Patient CD import:

  • at the registration counter, reducing time while importing in the background
  • directly into patient record
  • very high compatibility to all known patient disc formats