PergamonPUBLISH - the solution for automatical disc production, which can be used as a stand-alone system (in combination with several PACS systems and modalities) but also in its native bundle with PergamonPACS/PergamonRIS. PergamonPUBLISH can be controlled from every workstation and even directly from many acquiring stations to create patient Discs, DVDs or BluRays. The discs are published with your individual corporate logo and are labeled using patient and examination data. PergamonVIEW is installed as a portable version on those discs, with full functionality.

Features / Advantages

  • reduces the priceless time of your colleagues
  • includes the historical "LiteViewer" which can be run on older systems
  • professional viewing with PergamonVIEW - also for your allocators without annoying installation routines
  • professional layout of the patient discs serves as a "business card" for your practice
  • your corporate practice/clinic logo appears on the discs itself but also on the splash screen of the software
  • full functionality of PergamonVIEW including mammographic tools and sectional imaging with all measurement toolsAutomatischer Druck zugehöriger Patienteninformationen
  • DICOM Data (incl. DICOM-DIR) + JPG on CD
  • controllable by every PergamonMED workstation in your network
  • predefined automatism for each allocator

Full- or semi- automatic?

PergamonPUBLISH supports full automatic media production by using a disc producing roboter (e.g. Epson, Primera, RIMAGE). Also semi-automatic solutions by using affordable cd producing and labeling hardware is realizable.

The fullautomatic solution is suitable for every bigger medical house (such as radiologies or hospitals with multiple modalities) and can be positioned freely, e.g. central at the registration counter.

The semiautomatic solution is suitable for CD-production close to the modality or for smaller medical facilities. Layouts can be customized individually as well, so even with cheaper disc production hardware, high quality results can be created.


PergamonPUBLISH-DEDICATE can be integrated independently into every dicom setup.


  • controllable directly from the modalities or by other PACS systems via DICOM interface
  • automatical collection of multiple studies of one patioent (by using patient ID)