The reliable solution for the archiving of examinations, patient data and findings.

As a true Client- / Serversystem, PergamonARCHIVE quickly provides saved patient data including corresponding examinations / images and document on every workstation.


  • very high speed multimodality-DICOM-VIEWER, using OpenGL and medical graphic card
  • image switching in less than a millisecond
  • intelligent, configurable prefetching technology


  • Access security through indivdual and encrypted passwords to keep patient records safe
  • narrowing of rights, according to departments or positions


  • extensive possibilities of configuration
  • integration of different scanners, printers and CD-production systems
  • integration of common modalities and patientmanagement systems

Extensive Interfaces

  • HL7 (filebased or direct via TCP/IP) - to RIS / KIS - systems
  • xDT (GDT, BDT) - to patient management systems
  • XML / INI to several devices
  • TWAIN / WIA for scanners
  • UNC e.g. for digital ultrasound without DICOM interface
  • OLE / COM for embedding and communicating with different programs
  • Fax for FRITZfax, Auerswald, Compact 5020 / Command 6000
  • and several proprietary and specific device configurations

PACS Features

  • scalable architecture even with rapidly growing data sets,  the constant availability can ensure cost-effective, incl. the migration security of various storage systems, incl. migration security of various storage systems
  • operation with standard commercial hardware (NAS etc.) is possible - no expensive storage system hardware required
  • optimized lossless file-based compression for the different modalities for all incoming data for a double archive space and double transmission rate
  • fulfilling the legal requirements for long-term archiving and audit compliance
  • Storage via "DICOM STORE SCPs" (or by ROOT) of various DICOM formats
  • up to two DICOM receiver (STORE SCP / ROOT) are possible for each instance rule . At each DICOM receiver (STORE SCP / ROOT) multiple modalities can be connected
  • it can be started several PergamonSERVER instances with different sets of rules in one system environment or on different system environments (VMware / Server etc.)
  • SQL database: indexing in the database for relevant parameters such as patient number, date of examination, examination order number, etc.
  • validation: Automatic adjustment of DICOM data with the orders to modalities (plausibility checks) to ensure data integrity
  • previewProcessing: calculation of thumbnails and storage in the secondary database.
  • file Transfer Server: Supports a maximum of up to 32,000 simultaneous clients of PergamonMED