PergamonMED offers a huge variety of products and modules for all kinds of requirements in digital diagnostics (X-Ray, CT, MRI, Mammography, Ultrasound, Nuclear meicine). The software also manages the archiving of the incoming communication via fax, email or postal. 

PergamonPACS is archiving all the data in an audible manner - centralized or decentralized, as you wish. The data transmission is compressed, allowing a reduction of the archive size as well as of the network utilization.

As an innovative Viewing Software, PergamonVIEW supports the simultaneus displaying of 1024 grayscales (which is 4 times more than common viewers) and comes along with features like: 


  • Comparehangings (also for X-Ray)
  • ROI Zoom
  • Measurements like TLPO Angle, Scoliosis Angle or Hip-Dysplasia
  • Whole-Leg and Long-Bone construction
  • Multiplanar Reconstruction
  • 3D Cursor for sectional images 
  • Special mammographic hangings
  • Density measurement
  • Synchronization of sectional images
  • And much more


PergamonRIS is integratable in many patientmanagement or hospital management systems, e.g via xDT or HL7 protocol. It organizes the incoming data according to the existing patient numbers. If existing, PergamonRIS supports client/mandant systems so it is often to find in polyclinics and community pracitces, where multiple users of the image creating hardware are using different patient mangement systems.

PergamonNET is our solution for allocators and cooperating partners of your house. The can have easy, secure and fast access to the high quality image date which shall be transfered to them - so there is no need to hand out a patient cd neccessarily.