The problem: CDs, paper, online-portals

In the process of digitalization of radiologies, referring physicians receive more and more patient CDs, which are not free of problems in most cases. Prints on paper are, for a good reason, not approved for diagnosis. Another way of image transmission is using online portals, which are very slow (download of full data from the internet = inefficiency) and mostly very uncomfortable to use (call up the website, logging in, choosing files … ) .

Our solution - PergamonNET

One click and full quality images are displayed! With PergamonNET, the data is being transfered before the patient is back by using predefined settings for data forwarding. The software can be controlled directly out of your existing software / patient management environment, so neither you nor your referring physicians have to get used to new surfaces to display images in full functionality DICOM Viewer.

Satisfied referrers = stable patient numbers

Experience shown that satisfied referring physicians are stable physicians. Whether checkout / private or BG- every patient counts - also for your radiology.

Cost Reduction / increasing profit

Reaching a number of 25 transmissions, the integration costs for one referring are amortized, just calculating the costs of otherwise used material. When sending you one private insured patient, the system is amortized for the whole next year.

Low maintenance

By using methods of  automatic error correction (e.g. broken downloads or interrupted internet connections), the software is almost invisible to the user. Furthermore, only outgoing ports specific referring physicians are used, so no further security actions for your network have to be done.

Short and sweet

  • strategical binding of referring physicians
  • One-click image transfer
  • no annoying CDs
  • no more complicated / slow online portals
  • amortized when saving 25 CDs / month
  • background data transmission
  • considerable simplification and acceleration for you and your referring physicians

How it works & Data Security

PergamonNET creates virtual postboxes on site of the radiologist. These boxes are emptied in the background by configured PergamonNET Clients (referring physicians). Only data from current patients for the referring physicians are stored(in the purpose of the „treatment contract“). This data is only temporarily as a copy in a virtual postbox from the referring physician and only he has  access to those files. Accidental access to your main database is impossible  Addionally, every virtual postbox and the whole data connection is encrypted individually. This way PergamonNET assures, that only patient data of notified clients are transmitted.

Patient-CDs creation for the referring physician

If a CD is necessary, the referring physician can produce them on their own, so you are not responsible for material costs anymore.


Portforwarding: 3333, 50000-51000 on the PergamonNET Server